• Boom

The game in which each question is a bomb and each answer a cable!


Based on the famous TV contest. Recreates the tension of the original contest at home! Go forward through the three phases of the competition answering questions and avoiding the bombs explode.

Confornt the opposing team in a game of more than 2.500 questions and answers. Beat the bombs of different colors. In the black bomb you will have to answer to different questions within a time limit. With silver bombs you will have to choose between two possible answers. The winner will face the final golden bomb,in which you must correctly answer 15 questions to raise yourself as winner!



Nš of players: 2-8
Ages: 12+
Duration: 30 to 60 min


1 board
50 black bomb cards number 1
50 black bomb cards number 2
50 black bomb cards number 3
50 black bomb cards number 4
2 spokesperson cards (one for red team one for blue team)
6 player eliminated cards
2 scores tokens (red and blue)
10 phase 1 results cards (black bomb)
15 bombs phase 3 cards (golden bomb)
1 red hourglass
1 blue hourglass
1 game book (with rules and questions)