• Oilfield

Get a concession, build, extracts oil, trade and invest. But overall, think wise!


In Oilfield you will take the role of an American businessman in the early 30's, striving for wealth, who will try to exploit the rich reservoirs in Texas, trading with natural gas and oil in the most profitable markets.

Texas, 1933, a new day dawns for the brave pioneers of the American West, like yourself. Under the burning sand, the black gold awaits for your arrival. what are you waiting for?

Get a government lease in one of the richest oil reservoirs, build towers, drill the resources, trade and invest wisely! Only the most audacious amongst you, using a smart strategy, will be able to surpass your competitors and become a true oil tycoon.



Nš of players: 2-5
Ages: 12+
Duration: 60 min


1 main board
12 concession cards (3 Dallas, 4 Austin y 5 Pecos)
1 cloth bag
5 player cards (refineries)
25 hidden action cards
30 investment tokens
50 coins
5 worker cards
49 black cubes
21 blue cubes
1 gray cube: strike
24 turret tiles: 8 turret types
3 refineries extensions
20 deposit tokens
3 orange cubes
3 black discs
2 orange discs
1 instructions


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