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Portal of Morth

Defend your kingdom!


Inspired in tower defense videogames, the players will control the brave defenders of the frontier, who struggle to stop the hordes of Lord Morth from crossing their lands. The evil Lord will send wave after wave of powerful enemies and spells from his dark castle in the mountains.

Each player must destroy the enemies that cross their territories. For this, they will count with the help of the strong heroes of Sylth, who will fight with the ever growing threat of Lord Morth’s army.



Nº of players: 1-4
Ages: 14+
Duration: 30 min/player


4 Double-faced map boards
2 Double-faced Portal boards
1 Plastic Portal roulette
97 Enemy dice
1 d3 Die
1 d4 Die
1 d12 Die
2 Cloth bags
32 Character tokens
12 Specialist tokens
16 Character sheets
40 Wooden cubes
8 Wooden disks 5 mm.
1 Turn marker
1 Lord Morth token
4 Quick reference sheets
1 Rulebook


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