• Ray Master
Ray Master

Who will get the funds?


From one of the most hidden laboratories in the Atomic Biochemistry Brave Academy (ABBA), a shout rises to the skies: "¡Eureka!". After years of research, Professor Röntgen has invented a new thingamajig capable of modifying the atomic composition of objects, to the point it can make them shrink and grow at will. But his archrival Professor Stern, wants to steal the idea at any price.

Both professors must use their scientists and students wisely, to get the most astonishing test results, while discretely trying to sabotage their rival.



Nº of players: 1-2
Ages: 12+
Duration: 25 min


1 control panel board
1 testing room board
1 ray figure
12 pvc cubes:
- 4 orange tokens
- 4 blue scientists
- 4 yellow scientists
12 students cards
18 dices in two colors:
- 6 big
- 6 medium
- 6 small
1 rulebook


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